Thursday, August 28, 2008

Karlee Field Bridals

Well... another day, and another beautiful Bride Portraits shoot; her name is Karlee Field, and as well as another brides, Karlee has requested Privacy for publishing her Bridal Images in the Web site (at least not before their wedding day), and I will respect that 100%. But I want to mention something else about Karlee; yesterday, in the morning, I've seen something that I love: Karlee came not alone, but with some family members, sister, sister in law and mom... having that help and support, I think, is GREAT. I personally think and feel that the support and help from family members is the greatest in the world... and it was really fun, we had a great time and we spent almost 2 hours for the session (none of us wanted to finish the session).

Now, today images are coming from Kelsie Adams, who got married about 2 weeks ago... as a matter of fact I post Kelsie and Brock wedding day photographs on the August 15th 2008 Blog... so if you want to check it out, go to :

Kelsie is great, pretty, active and she really is in love with Brock... and let me tell you (everybody) I had a really good time taking her Bridal Portraits.

Well, enjoy them and tell me what do you think about them.



Don't forget to tell me what do you think about them... write your comments.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jason Corless Senior Portraits

Yesterday morning one of my customers was a friend of mine, who asked me to take his high school senior portraits... it was a blast!. We spend a couple of hours in the session and we were everywhere: my studio of course, the Lobby of the hotel (where my studio is situated) and then we went out in the streets around downtown Ogden. We concentrated our efforts in close portraits rather enviromental portraiture.

Hey Jason, you did great man!.

I am posting 6 (six) photographs out of the 118 photographs I took for you (everybody) to see them... well, let me know what do you think about them.

Thanks again you people.