Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Weekend Bridal Fair and Photos !!

Here I am again. Trying to be more efficient in all "the hats" I have to wear. ;)

This is a video about the Bridal Fair this last weekend in downtown Ogden. It was super fun and we had a great turnout.

Contact me for future events schedules or go to my web site and check it out there under "EVENTS" (but just to let you know, this coming weekend we will be participating in a Bridal Fair in Layton (Davis Conference Center) where we are going to have GREAT DEALS on our Wedding Collections!!. Is going to be).

Now, I want to share some of my last photographs I had taken in these last couple of weeks while I am traveling, walking, biking, etc. etc.
Feel free to post any comments if you will.
Take care and enjoy life!!


Don't forget to post any Comments. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Site is up!!

Here is the latest news in the Studio: Our new Web site is up and running !!!
We are exciting about it, because it features new things and a brand new "model". Let me explain:
- Some of those new "things" I mentioned previously are:
1) "Store" (which is still under construction) where I am going to offer books, and other products such "Fine Art Prints" to customers and on-line shoppers.
2) "APW" which stands for "Adventure Photography Workshops". This is a new Sub-Company where we are going to offer instruction to Amateurs, Middle and even Advanced Professionals in the field of photography, lighting, posing, post-production, etc. etc.

These and other parts of this new site are up for you to surf and explore.
I'll be posting photos and videos as well of what I am doing and how I am doing some things around here.
Keep in touch!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A new Web site coming up!!!
New for 2011.
We are excited to give you a screen-shot of the up coming site (some areas had been blurred in purpose).
Keep yourself close to this blog to have the exact date of our new site's launching day.