Monday, April 28, 2014

Beus Pond with Harmony students

Here are some of the photograph I took of my students while we were in a field trip. They were practicing about the following topics: Wildlife, Landscape and Environmental Portraits.
We end the activity with a great and yummy breakfast!!

Studio Portraiture Class

Out of our last class of this year 2013-2014 we did "Studio Portraiture" and we learned the implications of each individual light, their placements and the difference in male and female posing and lighting.
Also we learned the professional set up of an actual studio and the use of different light modifiers and reflectors.
Here are the photos I took only of each of the students who wanted to have their photos taken.
For the students of photography (period 1 and 2): This was the last class of the year and I want to say that I enjoyed every class we had. Keep taking more and more photos! Also, feel free to copy the photos you are seeing in this blog and use them for profile photos in any of the social network you like using (they are free to use as they are).


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last Assignment of Photography for 2013-2014

WOW!!!   I just realized it has been a while since my last post in my blog.
Anyways, here is the last assignment for the class of photography in Harmony ED. Systems for extra points:

To submit 5 photos (one of each of the following categories):
 - Portrait
 - Landscape
 - Wildlife
 - Still life
 - Creative (anything you want that is creative).

These photos can be from past assignments (your best shots) or brand new photos taken this week, including, if you want, photos from our field trip on Monday.

You can print them and bring those next week OR you can email them to me to:

See you on the 28th (FYI: the last day of class of photography of the year).

Monday, February 03, 2014

Leading Lines Homework

As part of the Harmony Education Photography Classes I have the samples of "Leading Lines" we talked about during class today.
As I mentioned before, I will start doing the homework myself, from here on, in every homework I assign you to do.
So, here are my 6 photos of "Leading Lines" using one subject only as the main subject. (The secondary subject are the lines itself).
Ask me if you have any question and/or comment.
Please turn your homework as early as possible. See you next Monday!! :D

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Low Light photographs

As a photographer I constantly have the blessing to work with marvelous people, ALWAYS! and yesterday (January 13th 2014) was no different (As an aside note, I've come to realize that once in a while, when I work with a difficult customer, is because is me who don't see the qualities I like to see, or just because we are not communicating as good as we should, and therefore I don't see those qualities right away in them, but without a doubt, they ALL are great!).
Anyways, yesterday, as I just finished from working with a customer and leaving their house, I've got to see an spectacular view of the mountains as the sun set in the horizon. and the lights of the city below getting on.
These are some of the photographs I took yesterday night. I don't think is needed to say the cold of the night, the fast drop of temperature, me being tired or any of the side effects of night winter photography, BUT I truly had the relaxation I needed after a long day of work.

Please comment if you like or agree or disagree with me in anything I had say. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.