Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new Group of sessions..!!

Here I am again; posting something new in my blog.
I've been blessed in the last month or so with a group of blessings that I want to share with you.

1.- I haven't lost my studio... the Hotel where my studio is, after the leak and the disaster there, asked me to stay longer and not to move out (as I told them I will); they want to work with me with the insurance and cover all the damages... I accepted and now I am staying, at least for some time. (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, review 2 or 3 post before this one, and you'll see)
2.- In my stake I've been called as the new Stake Young Men President in the LDS church. I love working with youth and give my "2 cents" back. I have been working in the Presidency for the last 5 years and now I am able to keep working as hard as possible.
3.- Now, in my studio, I've been working hard in the last 3 or 4 weeks with customers who had requested fall season photographs both in the studio and on location. Quite a bit of children sessions and some family portraits as well; and let me tell you... it had been super fun.

I want now to post some of the images I've been taking for you to see, ok? I hope you like them all and comment with me what you think about them.

This is Gabriela Suarez, she and Alex, her husband are great friends of ours. We had a really good time in the 2 hours session we had and I had too much fun (I hope she did as well). Thanks Gabriela for your time and energy.

Here is Diana, my friend from Colombia, in her Wedding gown, getting her Bridal photographs taken... I do believe (as well as her) that these photographs turned out pretty good, but What amazed me is that they DO NOT show how breezy or cold was for all... I was wearing a jacket all the time and she was really cold !! can you believe that, take a look for yourself.

Now, do you see what I said? Those images look warm and cozy, but we were cold.

Here Michael (my cousin), LeeAnn (his wife) and Aniston (their daughter), in their new family Portrait session up in the canyon.
They looked amazing!! don't you agree?
I think the day couldn't be better either, the weather was warm and nice (though the night before was a pretty big storm).
I had a great time with them, and I am sure they had it too.
Enjoy the images of their session and comment as much as you want.

Well, for now ... see ya!!.