Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Assignment #02

Here are the details of the Assignment #02 for Harmony students.

I am including this photo (below) for you to create and submit via email to: aaphotoart@gmail.com
Remember the rules:

1.- Your subject have to be in following the "Rule of Thirds"
2.- The lighting have to come from on top but has to light the face (be creative)
3.- The photo HAVE TO BE well exposed!!!
4.- Must be send over email by Friday night (aaphotoart@gmail.com)

1.- Work with your Manual Settings: Aperture keep it as open as your camera will allow you.
2.- Set your shutter speed 1/30 or so (be careful not to make sudden moves because your photo will be blurred).
3.- Set your ISO accordingly to get a well exposed photo.

Email me if you have questions to : aaphotoart@gmail.com


AL Aguayo.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Assignment #01

Dear students from Harmony education, this is the sample photo I want you to recreate as for your assignment this week.
Take a portrait like the one just here  below:

Make sure the exposure in your subject's face is well exposed.

Write your name and Include: Aperture setting, Shutter Speed and ISO in the body of the email.
In the subject write: Assignment 01
BE CREATIVE!!  I will give extra points if you are more creative.
First of all, make sure you are subscribe to this blog!!
Send your photos to: aaphotoart@gmail.com
If you want to send something additionally, feel free, but make sure you send AT LEAST what I am asking you.
This assignment is due this Friday September 20th via email. Though, if you bring it of Monday 23rd I will consider them only for review.