Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Last Saturday I was in Salt Lake City taking photographs of some great friends of mine, Brennan and Anna. Beside "doing my job" as a photographer and covering their event, I have to tell you, I had such a great time working with them (and for them). Anna's beauty and happy personality was contagious, and even deep inside she was nervous and hopeful for the weather and decoration to go well, she made everyone around her to feel happy and relaxed as well. Brennan, though nervous, he did GREAT all throughout the evening and was as affectionate as Anna during the entire day.

I'll skip the description of the details of the evening at this point, and proceed to mention that these photographs are but a small portion of the many photographs I did take on their day. I hope you find them attractive and appealing to you, as much as they do to me.

Feel free to leave any comment (or even questions if you will).