Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things has changed !!!

I am happy to announce that Some changes had happened in the studio since the last post:
1- My business partner quit !! So the studio is run by my and some great people, like: Silvia, Robin and Rita.
2.- We a re bringing back AA PROFESSIONAL Photography to stay !!! JUNCTION Photography will remain being in the mall and function as the normal studio in the mall, while AA Pro Photo will be the "on-location studio" and we will cover weddings and events all over the world.
3.- You have no idea how many blessings I've received from my dear wife, Silvia; she is amazing and I am incredibly in debt to her for all the time, help, support, ideas, etc. etc. that she has given me in these last months, for the studio.
I will not post photographs of the studio at this time, but a little bit later.