Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Adventure

OK, here goes an interesting new adventure: In 2011 I'm launching my New Brand and Company : "ALVARO AGUAYO Photography"

This is a decision we have taken after much conversations and pondering.
We know that the pronunciation and spelling of the new company's name might be a factor for many to be disappointed, but we felt that is the right thing to do... and guess what, we will do it!
From now on my customers will be able to "connect" my face with my company, and recognize me more for what I do.

For what it is with JUNCTION Photography, is in business inside the Newgate Mall in Ogden, UT and will be for as long as we can.

And for AA PROFESSIONAL Photography, well, it will end up being absorbed by ALVARO AGUAYO Photography and they both will become one company; one company that will deliver the SUPER HIGH QUALITY Photography and great Customer Service that has been our characteristic for so many years.

We will be delivering our great and superb imagery for all Weddings, Portraits, Fine Arts and now Commercial-Industrial customers.

We have a renewed energy, equipment, more and exciting trainings, and we will be sharing so many tips, classes, workshops, etc. etc. with many.

ALVARO AGUAYO Photography is here to stay ... and be BOLD !!!
But remember one thing : All this success was not possible if it weren't for you, all our loyal customers, who consistently has come (and we know will keep coming) to us for all your family portraits, events and special occasion photographer. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!

Now, I just want to upload some more images for you to see and enjoy.
Have a wonderful day !!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things has changed !!!

I am happy to announce that Some changes had happened in the studio since the last post:
1- My business partner quit !! So the studio is run by my and some great people, like: Silvia, Robin and Rita.
2.- We a re bringing back AA PROFESSIONAL Photography to stay !!! JUNCTION Photography will remain being in the mall and function as the normal studio in the mall, while AA Pro Photo will be the "on-location studio" and we will cover weddings and events all over the world.
3.- You have no idea how many blessings I've received from my dear wife, Silvia; she is amazing and I am incredibly in debt to her for all the time, help, support, ideas, etc. etc. that she has given me in these last months, for the studio.
I will not post photographs of the studio at this time, but a little bit later.



Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello everyone !!
I am back !!
I have not been able to post anything because I've changed my studio's name... can you believe it? It has been a roller coaster experience !!!

"AA PROFESSIONAL Photography" is now "JUNCTION Photography"

AND I AM inside "The NewGate Mall" in Ogden !!!!!!!

Let me share some photographs from it so you can see it as well.

As I am telling you, the experience could of been easier, but I made a couple of bad choices and now I am almost on my feet again.
I will ask for every one's support in this new adventure !!!
I am confident to say that I will succeed with my new baby : "JUNCTION Photography" but not doubt, I will need the loyalty of ALL of you and your own families and friends.
I hope I making good sense in here.

OHH !! A new Web site as well (beside is this one :
Take a look !!!.

I hope to see some responses and comments around.
Thanks again for everything and remember that I am in business even stronger than before !!!.

Sincerely yours:


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best of the Ogden Fest 2010

OK, here they come the best photos you are going to see (that's what I think ... and I hope am right) of the Ogden, so anticipated "Snow" Winter Fest this last weekend, for this year 2010.

I hope you like them as much as I do... as a matter of fact, on the day of the event, I took hundreds of photos, most of which are GREAT images ... it's a sad thing I can't put them all here, right? I had a great time and met great people... check it out !!.

Let me know if you have any comment, so we can learn from each other.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bridal Fair

It's time again... for the Northern Utah Bridal Fair !!!
this time (as several times in the past) the Bridal Fair will be held at the Union Station in Ogden, UT.
It promises to be a great one ... just imagine: a show at the end of a Recession era!! I bet there are going to be SUPER deals for the Brides and their families.
Well, I'll keep you posted so you can know everything... Though, I hope to see you there !!!.

See ya.