Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello everyone !!
I am back !!
I have not been able to post anything because I've changed my studio's name... can you believe it? It has been a roller coaster experience !!!

"AA PROFESSIONAL Photography" is now "JUNCTION Photography"

AND I AM inside "The NewGate Mall" in Ogden !!!!!!!

Let me share some photographs from it so you can see it as well.

As I am telling you, the experience could of been easier, but I made a couple of bad choices and now I am almost on my feet again.
I will ask for every one's support in this new adventure !!!
I am confident to say that I will succeed with my new baby : "JUNCTION Photography" but not doubt, I will need the loyalty of ALL of you and your own families and friends.
I hope I making good sense in here.

OHH !! A new Web site as well (beside is this one :
Take a look !!!.

I hope to see some responses and comments around.
Thanks again for everything and remember that I am in business even stronger than before !!!.

Sincerely yours: