Monday, September 14, 2009

Ricardelli .. a family with a big soul !!

I had the privilege to visit with a great family this last Friday, friends of mine who I took their wedding day several years ago. They contacted me to have their new-addition-to-the-family photographs, little Cianna plus their family photographs in their house... well, let me tell you that I had a great deal of fun talking with Shawn and Barbie and taking their photos.

I wanted to share some of the their photographs with you so you can comment your impressions. Thanks and take care.

Now, Once we did the family session, Makailah wanted some photographs as well for her own, so I did this session around their house as well.
Makailah did pose so natural and relaxed for her photographs... she did a great job !! and we had tons of fun as well.

Don't forget to share your impressions while commenting here below.
Beside, remember that this week is the last one for taking photographs IN the studio, I am giving a great deal for "closing studio" ... I am NOT CLOSING my company !! Remember I WILL KEEP TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS everywhere else.

See ya!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


As you already now, I am closing my current location of my studio... which means that I will not take "Studio photographs" at least through this winter-spring season.
My final operational day in the studio will be Saturday, September 19th; the following week will be the move-out time for me.
So, what I am offering to ALL, is a super great deal :

ANY SITTING WILL BE : $25 (for returning customers) or $30 (for new customers).
(Prices regularly starts at $65 / $75, but for these 9 more days prices will be $25 / $30)

That's right, I'll be charging only $25 / $30 for ANY type or style of session anyone would like. It could be Family session, Maternity, Children, Modeling, Fashion, Infants, High School Seniors, Executives, etc. etc. The only catch is that MUST to be done in the studio.

Let me know by calling me directly to : 801-603-9837 (or by commenting directly in this posted blog).

A sample of High School Senior girl in the studio.

A sample of a model in the studio.

A sample of a mother and child in the studio.

This offer is valid ONLY through September 19th 2009... Take advantage of this unique situation.

Remember, I AM NOT CLOSING my company, I am just moving my studio to a different location... which I haven't start looking for one yet (but I know I eventually will); and as soon as I do, I'll let you know.

I'll be taking photographs all over the area: parks, mountains, rivers, canyons, customer's houses, cities, etc. etc. and I know that I am going to be really busy. I'll be meeting my customers and doing presentations in my own house; my contact information will remain the same:

same phone number : 801-603-9837
same e-mail :
same web site :

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I hope the best for every one.
Remember: "changes in life are THE opportunities for us to grow"