Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Lots of Photographs...

Well, Hi to all. I want to start off by saying that I've been SUPER blessed from my Father in Heaven, since day one; I recognize that His hand had been with me through my entire career, not just IN the hard times but BECAUSE of those hard days.
My family is growing and I have the love of ALL of them. My live is good and I can't complaint at all, and my career is good (I won't complaint) : )

In these last months I've been taking lots of photographs and I wanted to share with you SOME of these images; I've prepared quite a bit to submit, but because they are 43 images (and I think they are way too many to post in my blog), I've prepared an album in my company's Facebook page, so you all can take a look to all of them; the address in facebook is as follows :

AA PROFESSIONAL Photography FaceBook Page

If you are not a FAN yet, become one, so you can keep looking at the new posts any time you want.

In any case, I am posting some of the photographs in here; so, enjoy them.

Kim & Jordan wedding day -01

Kim (& Jordan) wedding day -02

Stephanie (&Tom) Wedding day -01... Artistic view of Stephanie, the Bride.

Stephanie and Tom (Captain) in their wedding day -02

Stephanie and Tom (Captain) in their wedding day -03

A beautiful view of Jackson and Jacob, during their family session in the mountains.

Oscar Aguayo and Family up in a park, for their family session.

John Chadwick and family in downtown Ogden, UT session.

Jeff Hoellein with Zachary, his brand new infant, in the studio.

Billy Brandt and family, posing for their Family Portrait.