Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Site is up!!

Here is the latest news in the Studio: Our new Web site is up and running !!!
We are exciting about it, because it features new things and a brand new "model". Let me explain:
- Some of those new "things" I mentioned previously are:
1) "Store" (which is still under construction) where I am going to offer books, and other products such "Fine Art Prints" to customers and on-line shoppers.
2) "APW" which stands for "Adventure Photography Workshops". This is a new Sub-Company where we are going to offer instruction to Amateurs, Middle and even Advanced Professionals in the field of photography, lighting, posing, post-production, etc. etc.

These and other parts of this new site are up for you to surf and explore.
I'll be posting photos and videos as well of what I am doing and how I am doing some things around here.
Keep in touch!!


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