Monday, November 07, 2011

Bike trip into the South-Eastern Utah

OK, Here it is!!!
I am posting my trip into Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT I did last week.
It turned out the day was to be be rainy!!! But even though we knew it, we went ahead and did go down to our destination for our Friday-Saturday adventure.

Let me tell you: It was surreal!!! It was PERFECT !!!!!!! Muddy, Windy, Cold, Wet everywhere!!, and exhaustingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

It rain the entire night into Saturday, and then it kept raining until noon (or so). We start our bike ride at 9 am. and kept going until 1 pm. when we decide to go back to camp 1 (where the car was waiting for us). Going uphill took us 4 hours what going down hill took us 1.5 hours.

The big pool of photographs are in my Facebook page which page's address is right here below:

I am posting some in my blog as well, so let me know what do you think about them..


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