Monday, November 26, 2012

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP #4 - Polarize Filtering

Sunglasses PolarizerIf you really want to add some punch to your images, then get your hands on a polarizing filter. A polarizer is the one filter every photographer should have handy for landscapes and general outdoor shooting. By reducing glare and unwanted reflections, polarized shots have richer, more saturated colors, especially in the sky.What's that you say? Your digital camera can't accommodate filters. Don't despair. I've been using this trick for years with my point-and-shoot cameras. If you have a pair of quality sunglasses, then simply take them off and use them as your polarizing filter. Place the glasses as close to the camera lens as possible, then check their position in the LCD viewfinder to make sure you don't have the rims in the shot.
If your camera doesn't accept filters, then you can still achieve the effects of a polarizer by placing your sunglasses over the lens. Figure 2a is shot normally without any filtration. Figure 2b is shot during the same session, but with sunglasses placed over the lens. Notice the enhanced colors and deeper sky tones. (Canon PowerShot S200, Program mode)
Without a filter.
Figure 1a.
With a filter.
Figure 1b.

For the best effect, position yourself so the sun is over either your right or left shoulder. The polarizing effect is strongest when the light source is at a 90-degree angle from the subject.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the tips! I have learned so much just reading your advice. Has made my photos so much better and I want to try more new and exciting things. I love your photos, keep the tips coming. (of course, as your time allows.) Also, thanks for sharing your testimoy and love of our gospel. Makes my heart full.

  2. Dear Kristine, Thanks for your comment... It truly makes me HAPPY !!! :)
    Keep on shooting (taking photographs); Practice makes you better.