Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A busy season

Ok, it has been another one full month without any entry in my blog !!! Can you believe it? It has been a really busy and productive May... and since my last entry there have been lots of things and beautiful events that I should of post here, along with hundreds of photographs. As a matter of fact I am posting one more image right now that I took this last Friday out of a wedding... a beautiful wedding up in Wolf Creek Resort in Eden, UT.

Soon, after this season passes I will be able to post more and past weddings from May, including those Bridal sessions and Engagements. But in the mean time I'll post these few ones.

Enjoy them and have fun !!

Tell me your comments.

Don't forget to tell me your comments.

Take care!!


  1. Dude, great job as usual. My favorite of these pictures though is the one where they are sitting down on the stairs, great shot. You definitely have a talented "eye", or should I say vision. Best wishes for you!!!

  2. You take wonderful photos!!! My wedding was captured by you with amazing pictures!
    I was just wondering if by chance you still have any of my wedding/bridal/engagement pics from Aug. 2004 (I left a message on your phone too). We ordered a lot of prints but at that time we chose not to get a CD of all of the pictures. I would love to buy that CD from you now, if you have one.
    Alicia (Eddy) Hansen

  3. I really like the one with the pretty girl coming out of the door! WOW...You are very talented! You make her look like she's in a magazine or something! You have such great talent! Keep it up!