Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A new season !!

Here I am again… this time I am writing because I have quite a few things to comment… and of course I have photos to show.

Has been a wonderful season (so far) and I’ve been pretty busy with customers weddings, portraits, business, etc. etc. But what I want to share this day is a little bit different stuff… a more personal stuff (leaving into the side all the business stuff).

I don’t know how many people out in the web is reading what I am writing, more than looking at my photographs, but in any case I want to comment this (among other things): I am studying the masters in photography and feel really good that the quality of my photography doesn’t differ that much from their perspectives of work. To prove that I am showing here below the result of my last daughter photo session in the studio about 2 weeks ago.

This is my beautiful wife, Silvia and my latest daughter, Nicole,
addition(ed) to my family this last March 22nd 2009

As you saw, I’ve done a beautiful job... right? And that is not just because my wife and daughter are super beautiful, but because the lighting, posing and the usage of props were placed in the proper composition, angles and proportions.

Passing to a different subject, I do love being outdoors and enjoying myself, along with my family and/or friends.

This past month, I’ve been camping some, and planning some other different activities. Some of this activities had been working with the Young Men in my stake (for the LDS church). We went in a 100 miles trip in three days. It was a really nice time, and when you see the images below, you will realize that I had a really good time.

Me, while the young men were setting camp.

A self portrait in my bike.

This shot is when we hit the Southest tip of the Antelope Island.
(A trail just opened one week before our trip)

A romantic stock photograph of my settings.

... and a little "two wheeled" playful time... well...
"no wheels on the ground" playful time, right?

Another activity I did was camping with my family up in the Uintah mountains for 3 days as well. We had a really great time and a beautiful photo opportunities. I don’t have all the space I want to include all the photographs I wanted but I think it suffice with the photographs I am posting.

In the woods, on a morning bike ride.

Gabriela (right) and Andrea (left), biking on a dirt road up in the Uintah's.

My whole family with the highest peak in the region behind us...
(Oooops, I don't remember the name of it).

A sunset view of the mountains, the lake and the wetlands.

A portrait inside our old travel trailer.

We came back home (from our camping) on Saturday July 04th and the tradition of the fire works in Riverdale Park was a must... so we went and had a crowning end from our trip in to the mountains.

Thanks for taking your time and visit me here. I enjoy sharing this special adventures with all my friends and everybody who wants to me better.

Have always fun and take care by doing your best.

Bye bye.

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  1. I love how you are balancing your life, and getting great shots while at it.