Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zion Nat'l Park - Part II

When I did the see the complete pool of photos I HAD to make a "cold selection" and not choose many of my images, though I liked them.

The photographs that I am presenting here today are some of the ones I'm planning to present in my exhibit in New Jersey in a digital display.

Beside I am going to present my new book as well... yeap, the one I am doing since early July and I'm still in the second half of it (I hope there is enough time to finish everything up by March 2010... do you think?).

In the mean time, enjoy the photographs and tell me what do you think about them.

Thanks again for taking the time and looking to my photographs... as a matter of fact is a real honor for me to know that all of you had been reviewing my work, which tells me that you care for what I do. Thanks again.




  1. Very beautiful photographs! Nice job, Al!

  2. Thanks for your comment. I do really like being there and hiking.

  3. I've seen Zion N.P. a couple of times. I went into the subway just once, but I like your shots even more than being there in person.
    Amazing shots !!

  4. Los paisajes son muy hermosos y utd ha sabido captar cada momento, y Posición Angulo adecuados.El colorido es fabuloso. ¡¡HERMOSISIMAS fotos que me han Hecho llegar ahí.Saludos atentamente.Lola desde Málaga, España

  5. Congratulations!!!!! Good Luck!!!