Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OSOS in Bearland

Well, here I am, once again, posting some of the latest activities and showing some of my latest photographs... I am particularly excited about this one, because is different on it's nature.

The adventure I was on this last week was a different one than my usual adventures. A couple, friends of mine, artists (one is a photographer and the other is a painter with a background knowledge in photography), and I went north to get some unique photographs, photographs that she, Tiffanie, can use for her paintings; they were looking for new photographs of bears, both Grizzly and Black bears.

We went to the well known parks "The Grand Teton National Park" and "Yellowstone National Park", both in Wyoming. My friends, Bryan and Tiffanie, knew exactly where to go, what time of the year bears are more visible, etc. So as we went, we start finding them.

For now will suffice to say we had a great time! In more than a one occasion we were really close to them, but never in real danger. Looking back (specially because nothing bad happened), I am glad we did it!

I am posting some of the photographs I took during this "out-of-ordinary" excursion. I hope you like them and please don't forget to tell me your comments at the bottom of this very same post.


Take care and keep having the most wholesome fun you can.



  1. amazing set of pictures.
    i dont knwo if you should enphasize the actual risk you were involved, is kind of scary.
    but congratulations, amazing real life pics.
    my vote for the winner picture is for the bear scratching his back against the tree.
    very very well!!

  2. You know, you had made a good point about it!!
    The risk I was in, more than twice as a matter of fact, was great... I little bit too great. Safety is a big deal with bears.
    One of my photographer companions was a certified ranger for the park we were in and he had his gun at hand just in case of something could happen.
    The idea is not to get dangerously close to them, but enough to get the shots we were looking for.
    Alonso, Thanks for your comment; it raised a great issue for us to discuss here.