Saturday, June 04, 2011

Saint George, UT - part I

This last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I took a trip down to Saint George, UT, where I had a meeting with two customers to do their sessions... Let me tell you, it was beautiful and I will post some of those photographs later on.
I took this opportunity and took my family with me and we had such a GREAT time !!
I am posting some photographs we took along the way and down there.
I'll caption every photo (or at least the ones I have time to caption) so you know what's going on.
Here they come:
OK, they uploaded in a different order they were taken, but the information will be the same... right?

Photo 1 (below): All my girls at "Lava Rock" up in Red Mountain SPA Resort in Saint George, UT... it was cool to see all this real LAVA !!!
Photo 2 (below): Taking a little break from the southern Utah heat !! It was COOL !!! and the water perfect !!!

Photo 3 (below): Having a snack !! He he he, it looks like lunch to me. We are inside the trailer having a little bit of a family time.

Photo 4 (below): A wild flower along the road. This photograph was taken by "Pintura" a town in the middle of the desert where we spent one of the nights and I took the opportunity to ride my bike for over an hour.

Photo 5 (below): The red rock by "Pintura" (read prior photo's caption to get more info). I love riding my bike anywhere I go... especially in exotic or different locations such as this one.

Photo 6 (below): We are in the winter home of Brigham Young (second prophet and President of our church). This house dates from the late 1800's. It was cool to see it again. A neat experience for my entire family (they haven't been inside this house before).

Photo 7 (below): We are at the outside stairs in the Saint George Temple... It was great to be around the Temple with my family.

Photo 8 (below): This is part of the first night... I spent close to 6 hours of the night taking photographs, such as this one, while my entire family was sleeping in the trailer.
We were in Zion's National Park where the "Milky Way" is perfectly visible. It was a breath-taking experience for me being able to take this particular photograph.

Photo 9 (below): This is at Kolob Canyon at Sunset with my beautiful family... What a great view of my family with that great background right behind us.

Photo 10 (below): Another view of the Kolob Canyon Red Cliffs, this time with a dead tree branch lighted by the dying sun on it's tip.

Photo 11 (below): Sunset at Kolob Canyon, Zion's National Park.

Photo 12 (below): A wide angled view of my 5 trekkers with the red cliffs of Kolob Canyon. We took a one hour hike as family and it was a blast!!. My children (the four of them) ran and had a great time (needless to say, they slept pretty good that night !!)

Photo 13 (below): Nicole taking a break with a funny face. She is a doll and a teaser.

Photo 14 (below): This photo has been taken as we were wading our way up to Kolob Canyon inside Zion's National Park. The way was pretty steep (not shown in the photo) but fun and beautiful.

Photo 15 (below): This is another portrait of my family at Kolob Canyon with the backdrop of the Red Cliffs.

Photo 16 (below): Another wild flower found during our hike.

Photo 17 (below): This is the wide view of Kolob Canyon at Sunset. The day was gorgeous and the temperature of the day was 65 °F... any better? I don't think so.

Photo 18 (below): One more family portrait... this time along the road, while we were going up to Kolob Canyon. The last time we took a photograph in this location was when Andreita and Garielita were 11 months old!!

Photo 19 (below): A black & white view of the "Old Mountain" in Scipio, UT with the rain hitting up in the top of the mountain and the foreground of an old farm's gate.

Photo 20 (below): My Shivita playing in the swing set in Scipio, UT. while we stopped and let everyone stretch their legs. I, again, rode my bike and then played in the swing set with my beautiful wife and kids.

Photo 21 (below): My three older "monkeys" swinging in the wheel at a playground in Scipio, UT. We had a super time.

Photo 22 (below): This is the cute Nicolcita, playing in the swings and having a great time as well.

Photo 23 (below): A view of a snowed mountain in Salt Lake City, UT. while we were going down to Saint George, UT. on Monday,May 31st 2011

Well, that's it! Those were some of the photographs I took of my family during this quick trip to Southern Utah. Now, don't get me wrong! I always have as much fun as any of my family member by playing, running, riding bikes, hiking, etc. etc. I don't bug my family with "photos" everywhere... though they enjoy it too... believe me, they LIKE IT !!

Let me know your comments through here or by e-mail (as many of you regularly do it).


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