Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy October 01st !!!!

Happy October 01st !!!
It's amazing how fast this year have past (at least from my personal point of view). I've done quite a few things this year and kept myself busy as much as I could... to the point that I have not been able to accomplish other (more of a secondary) stuff.
This year my job (my company in photography and video) has taken me to different U.S. states, like Maryland, Virginia and Idaho.
I wanted to create a second version of "Spirits of the West Lakes" and "Mountain Spirits", but it was not possible (at least for now).
October first, to me, means that the year is almost over and I only have 3 more months to accomplish and to finish all what is still pending.
Then, Let's get busy!!!

Here is a photo I took just a week ago (or something like that).

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