Friday, October 05, 2012

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats hunting season has started and many people with rifles and other weapons show their masculinity and strategies by going up to the mountain and search for their preys... My story tells a different way of hunting. A way that allows the prey to be alive, with his family, enjoy life and see their babies grow. My way of hunting is by searching them and trying to capture this precious animals as close as I can.
Yesterday, I left home about 5 am. and drove for about 2 hours straight to a specific location. From there, I hiked for another 4 hours, carrying my cameras, batteries, tripods, etc... everything needed except my vital and needing tools: FOOD and WATER!

By 2 pm. in the afternoon, and after climbing two mountain peaks (still going towards the place I know this particular white king of the mountains rest), I found my first group of 5 goats eating and trying to fat their bodies for the cold and snowy approaching winter. I stuck myself to this particular "clan" of goats. I hide behind trees while I was taking my cameras and preparing my equipment... Sadly, I will not explain my approach to this beautiful animal, because some of my friends, who love hunting, might use this techniques to eventually kill them. But, my approach allows me to be a few yards from them and don't disturb them. (This particular technique IS NOT wearing any custom, by the way).

I follow them and was with them for over 3 hours,  While this time, I took many hundreds of photographs and videotaped them for almost the entire time, me being as close as 10 feet away from them. In fact, there was a mother with a little goat and 3 other goats... for sure at least 2 males; the third adult might of been another young female or male. I walked with them going down cliffs, and up hills, they ate and rest, they played and ... later on, got scared when two hunters passed close by them. The hunters once they saw me, they kept on going without disturbing them, because I was with this group of goats.
When it was night I started to head towards my car... 4 hours far away hiking up and down and up again, where my car was parked. It was 9:10 pm when I reached my water bottles and the food I brought (inside the car).

Even though I was super hungry and EXTREMELY thirsty, I preferred staying with this animals admiring and contemplating their magnificence, their calmness and sobriety. It's beautiful to see them interact with each other, and enjoy the amazing sights they live on.

I had a great time, and once again, I, most likely, will find myself next week among this animals.

I am posting some of the photographs for you to enjoy here.

Feel free to comment as much as you want. :)

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