Monday, October 01, 2012

Mountain Hike

Friday afternoon, as one of my outdoor activities, I planned for a small hike up in the mountains by North Ogden area. Small I knew how long the hike would really take!

I left my car locked and on my way I went by the little dirt trail uphill. I knew that I wanted to get some photographs done and hopefully I was going to get some nice video footage as well, so I took my camera backpack, tripod, a water bottle and a couple of cracker packs.

Starting at 2 pm. I thought to be back by 4:30 or even 5 pm.

Well, the "problem" was that my wishes came true!! I got to a place were I found a mother and a father Moose taking care of a little baby moose!! It was nice, though the time I had for film them was less than a minute... so I couldn't get much of them.

Having my enthusiasm boosted up by this family of moose's, instead of turning around to go back down, to my car, I thought to keep into my hike still up hill (it was 4:30 pm already, and I was still climbing up hill). By 5 pm. my energy was vanishing quite fast, so I paused my hike and sat down on the rocky ground for a quick snack and re-hydration using the final drops in my water bottle; after which I kept on walking... My legs were a bit soaring by now, but I was intrigued by this mountain; I wanted to see another group of animals if possible.

By 6:30 pm. my hopes were vanishing as quick as my energy to keep pushing uphill (yes... there was more mountain to hike!!), so I decided to start my descend towards the parking lot. And by the way, I was already hiking up hill 1 hour and a half without any water, in a beautiful sunny day, in a mountain so high, that there were no creeks, rivers, puddles or lakes to filter some water.

While I stopped to take some of the sunset photographs (which one of them made it for this blog) and contemplating the serenity and beauty of the location I was in, I realized some movement in a nearby cliff, so I left one of my cameras creating the photography for me, and took my other camera with me to "investigate".

Right there, at 6:45 pm, so close to the sunset and the final rays of day light, I found a herd of approximately 30 mountain goats, rumbling and playing in the rocks, eating and fattening for the winter, enjoying themselves the last part of the warm weather days.

I took dozens of photographs and several minutes of video for my up coming video project (which still is in process, for which I can't say anything yet). It took me all the rest of the afternoon; I was working my photography until the light of the day and the warmth of the sun abandoned me for good.

It was interesting to see these goats so close to me... I don't know if they treat every hiker like they did to me, but they seemed not to be bothered by my presence. They grazed and play almost around me and they allowed me to photograph them, to talk to them (I don't think they understood a word I said... because they didn't posed as I asked them to).

I followed them as they were moving up the mountain as far as I could go with the light of the day, until it was dark... I mean dark!

I still had 4 hours of going down hill and it was already close to be 8 pm. The air became chilly and I had no jacket!! I had no more water nor food... but I knew all I had to do was "just" going downhill... no more photographs, video or stops.

I packed back all my equipment (using a little head lamp that I had at hand as part of my hiking/photo gear) and stride my step the best I could.

I managed to be in the parking lot by 10 pm. exhausted and thirsty as few times in my life, super tired and with my knees soaring and my back and shoulders aching, but wit a BIG smile in my face, knowing that I've got great photographs and a beautiful experience.

I am posting 4 photographs of the animals I found and the scenery.

I hope you enjoy them.

Feel free to post comments at anytime.

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