Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hard Light vs Soft Light

As part of our lesson last Monday (Jan 06th 2014) we discussed the quality of light and learn how to find it in everyday, in every place we go.
We learned about "Hard Light" and "Soft Light".
For the assignment, I asked to take 2 photos, one should be showing a place or a thing with Hard Light and the other photo to show an example of Soft Light.
I am posting 2 photos I took not long ago showing both qualities of light.

1.- The first photo is a snowscape during snow fall. Overcast days are great to find Soft light EVERYWHERE!

2.- It's good to get wildlife with soft light because dark feathers will not be SO dark, and we can record details in darker areas. This is something not always achievable.

3.- Some portraits are GREAT when done in Soft Light. There is something magical.

1.- Most photographs, when done correctly, are more vibrant when done in Hard Light. This is another snowscape using the sun in its full brightness early in the afternoon.

2.- Tender portraits can be done using Hard Light if done correctly. Here we have a husband and his wife enjoying time together feeling the babies kicking (YEAP! they had twins!).

3.- Portraits when done correctly, using the available sun light, can benefit you.

1.- This is an example of mixed quality of lights: Hard (direct sun light) and Soft (all the surrounding areas in the lake.

2.- This is another example of mixing both quality of lights... I am using the SOFT light that hits their faces and the front of their bodies while the Hard Light comes from behind lighting the top of their heads and some of the visible snow.
3.- The last example I will post today is a scene I took up in the Ogden Valley about a week ago, as the sun was setting and its last rays where hitting the Right side mountain and everything else was lighted by the soft reflection from the blue skies.
Feel free to comment and to ask any question.

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